XAMPP for Windows XP Pro (Ports problem)

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XAMPP for Windows XP Pro (Ports problem)

Postby shinares » 09. July 2009 16:28

Hi guys,

I've been using xampp for years now with my XP home and never got any problem at all. However, I just got an XP Pro with IIS installed and when i tried to install XAMPP, it said that apache cant be installed because port 80 or 443 is not available. I suspect it is because of skype and IIS. Since I also need skype and IIS, is there any way for me to run all at the same time? or if it comes to worse, maybe i can switch on/off between those applications according to what i need at the present ? Thanks.
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Re: XAMPP for Windows XP Pro (Ports problem)

Postby glitzi85 » 09. July 2009 22:09

I don't have Skype here, but there should be an option to change the port. Otherwise start Skype after Apache.

For IIS open the IIS Manager, and open Internet Information Services -> Computername (local Computer) -> Web Sites
Then right click on Default Web Site and select Properties. There you can change the ports.

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