connection was refused when attempting to contact localh

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connection was refused when attempting to contact localh

Postby cptbbb » 09. July 2009 09:27

I'm not sure whether this is a common problem or not -( I tried searching the forums for my problem but it didn't work :shock: )

Basically I get an error where I go to use XAMPP as normal, but when trying to view webpages in any web browser it returns an error. This is what firefox says:

Failed to Connect
The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost.

The first time I got this error, I had to reinstall XAMPP to get it working again. The next time, it seemed to fix itself, but it's just recently stopped working again, and won't start working. I don't really want to reinstall it 'cos I lose my database stuff (the first time I reinstalled, i tried to keep the mysql settings but it threw up heaps of errors with MySQL so I had to reinstall again without keeping database settings).

The problem is not browser specific, and it's not a problem with XAMPP because the error pops up when i try to access "http://localhost/" regardless of whether XAMPP is running. It doesn't seem to be a problem with my firewall either...

any suggestions?
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