A rare beast: Paradox database user (with issues)

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A rare beast: Paradox database user (with issues)

Postby jillelaine » 07. July 2009 16:44

I installed XAMPP 1.7.1 on Windows XP, and it works.

I am very thankful it comes with pxlib.dll (v 0.6.3) and also php_paradox.dll (version as I need to regularly import data from a Paradox database into MySQL.
PHP Version 5.2.9
Paradox support enabled
pxlib Version 0.6.3
support for recoding record data iconv
pxlib was build on no value
Revision $Revision: 1.37 $
I followed the examples included with XAMPP for the Paradox module.
The examples which use:
"$pxdoc = px_new();" (not Object oriented) work well
But examples "$pxdoc = new paradox_db();" (Object oriented) do not

Error: "Fatal error: Call to undefined method paradox_db::retrieve_record()"

I must read and convert paradox timestamps, but am unable to make it work correctly.
I read this:
http://pxlib.sourceforge.net/documentat ... amp2string
but it's still broken.

I searched the forums and found this related post:

I also tried px_retrieve_record():
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function px_retrieve_record()"

I read the PHP manual here:
and also the manual on pxlib on sourceforge.

I see that there is a newer version of pxlib 0.6.4 which says that it fixes a problem with px_timestamp2string?
If I had pxlib.dll version 0.6.4 would that fix my problem?

Any other suggestions? Is there a reliable way I could convert Paradox timestamps which start at 0000/1/1?
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