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Help with domain

Postby Palito » 05. July 2009 00:03

Hi everyone.
I'm new at xampp servers, i'm just trying to "swim arround this new thing" :P
But i have a problem.
I don't know how to setup a domain, in this case a domain. haves the URL forwarding, but that one is a bit supid, I want to setup the one that alows me to see the link like:, instead of all the time the same url.

Anyone can hep me setting up a domain, please?
Many many thanks to anyone how helps me ^^"
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Re: Help with domain

Postby glitzi85 » 05. July 2009 15:35

Important: xampp is NOT for Production environment, unless you really know what you are doing! If you want to have a website, go and get some webspace from a provider. is a free Domain provider. They do not provide webspace, so this must located somewhere else, right? So there are two possibilities:

1) You use the forwarding option. The Browser will always display the real server adress (including the Ressource)
2) You use the frame option: The Browser will always display the free domain name (your Website is loaded inside an 100% Frame)

I personally prefer number 1, as number 2 is against the sense of the web.

Third option would be to get some webspace for a few cents per month (including a real domain).

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Postby Palito » 06. July 2009 18:08

i've found a bether way.
On, on domain sethings, use the Zone Records, and i've put the sethings like this:

Type: A
Value IP)

Then, wait about 15 minutes, and voila! Server is Up and running, and the URL is with the instead off your own IP 8and yes, it thisplays the full links, like, =P

Thx for you awnser any way =p
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