Xampp and Wordpress - Cannot edit pages

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Xampp and Wordpress - Cannot edit pages

Postby jweasl » 03. July 2009 23:11

I have installed XAMPP and Wordpress on my WIndows XP machine. Logged into wordpress and set everything up, picked a theme to test with and everything.
I went to create a new page, typed in some info, clicked Save... it all disappeared. Tried again, but hit Preview - same thing.
I went to the existing "About" page (the one automatically there) and tried to edit the existing text - when I click Preview or Update, it just reverts to the original text instead of updating.

Please Help!
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Re: Xampp and Wordpress - Cannot edit pages

Postby Wiedmann » 03. July 2009 23:40

You should ask this question in a Wordpress support forum.

(e.g. I don't know anything about this script.)
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