MD5/SHA1 mismatch to following packages

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MD5/SHA1 mismatch to following packages

Postby deltagirl » 02. July 2009 13:17

TOMCAT INSTALLER: MD5 checksum: 18b979a1329d3b536d9d11289d6e6e06
downloaded files give: MD5: 8cb5dfb9a3db639d70c08f9c466dab13 (13109327 bytes) (xampp-win32-tomcat-addon-6.0.18-2.2.11-pl1-installer.exe)

also error on 1 file from sourceforge
XamppOnCD-0.7.iso.md5: 64dcfdda93de739d21cf144b03d7f365 XamppOnCD-0.7.iso
downloaded files give: SHA1: 3e364e6d13e46f8fac0820b70860d6cb79190ab2 (91860992 bytes) (XamppOnCD-0.7.iso)

Am i doing something wrong :? , or have these files been modified (by someone not too nice :twisted: ...)
or modified and forgot to update webpages md5/sha codes :oops: ???

Thank You for confirmation
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