Verry Slowly on My Windows

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Verry Slowly on My Windows

Postby 6untur » 01. July 2009 00:05

i'm use windows xp

every i start mywebsite from mylocalhost, its work verry slowly, i don' know what the trouble.
i was reistal xampp & instal again, but i still have this trouble.

but my website on is the same with i work on my localhost, is fast than....

help me.
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Re: Verry Slowly on My Windows

Postby paul_j » 01. July 2009 01:41

Yes, I experience the same problem. Why should this be so?
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Re: Verry Slowly on My Windows

Postby deltagirl » 03. July 2009 03:24

- - - - Same here, very slow. I can't work out why. Any suggestions or fix's?

THIS FIX WORKED FOR ME: host file to show "localhost" as ""
i guess i must have error somewhere in my own coding. if i find out anything more i will add it to this post
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