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localhost Port

PostPosted: 28. June 2009 14:49
by shital jadhav
I've installed IIS & my localhost runs without taking any port specification i.e. i dont need 2 specify localhost:8080 but due 2 this my apache doesnt work can nybody give me a solution for this plzzz :lol:

Re: localhost Port

PostPosted: 01. July 2009 13:48
by Zarin Denatrose
You can't have 2 servers bound to one port both looking for localhost like that. You could set up a virtual host in your apache\confs\extra\httpd-hosts.conf like so:
<VirtualHost *>
DocumentRoot /xampp/htdocs
ServerName apachehost

Then edit a line in your hosts file
(On windows it's at %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts )
add the line apachehost

This should allow you to navigate to apachehost for the xampp server. If not, revert all those changes and change your apache listen directive in \xampp\apache\confs\httpd.conf to:
Listen: 8080 (Or whichever port you want.)
Then you should be able to navigate there with localhost:8080.