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Host the webpage using xampp

Postby mahes » 24. June 2009 06:52

Hi all,

I have Static ip and i installed xampp 1.5.4a into windows 2003 server. Now my clients access my application through static ip address (like I created sub-domain in my domain( i think there is no matter whether its domain or sub-domain) and when am pointing my sub-domain to static-ip , well its redirected to my application when its was access in internet, but the problem is after redirection from sub-domain the address bar have the ip address instead of my sub-domain.What i want is my client can access my application through in all pages. How can i solve this.....

And also i want to know one thing, that is i have number of projects (folders) into htdocs folder like project1, project2. I created domains to access these project 1 and 2 like and What my question is how can i pointing my domains to project 1&2 folders, because xampp have only one htdocs, so when am pointing to ip address ( :80) we can access only project either project 1 or project 2. But i want to separate domains for the folders project1, project2.How can solve this....
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