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PHP using MySQL 5.0.51a client instead of 5.1.32

PostPosted: 22. June 2009 22:41
by NiteShdw
I just upgraded my XAMPPLITE installation to 1.7.1. I see that 1.7.1 comes with MySQL server 5.1.33. However, PHP (via phpinfo.php) shows that it's using the client version 5.0.51a.

I found in the /php and /php/ext folders that there are two copies of the MySQL libraries. I renamed the "_5.1.32.dll" libraries to just "php_mysql.dll" and I did the same with the "libmysql.dll" file. How, PHP is showing that it's still using client version 5.0.51 but the "header" version is 5.1.32.

I would prefer to have my PHP client running the same version as the server. Can anyone help?