I cannot start Apache (Win XP SP3)

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I cannot start Apache (Win XP SP3)

Postby Versaille » 20. June 2009 22:40

I installed XAMPP. When I go to services and try to start the Apache service, it crashes within 1/2 sec. I get a typical Windows error (Apache has encountered an error. Sorry for the inconvenience, etc.)

Any ideas how I can get it to run?
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Re: I cannot start Apache (Win XP SP3)

Postby el-quds » 22. June 2009 10:55

Since no body answered i will try :)

when a service does't run there are many cases ..

u can try this

think of anyother service that might have been using the same port if u had apache or iis runing before... u can delete the old apache service or stop the iis service .. iis uses the same port of xamp if it was set to run on port 80 wich is the default for both ..

u can then think of any firewall blocking port 80 or any security settings blocking it and still skype might be one of them ..
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