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PostPosted: 19. June 2009 21:12
by DreamU
ALmost exclusively I use XAMPP with PHP. But I have a need to run one perl script and it stops at a USE POSIX statement. While I did not write the perl script I believe the POSIX statement is only there because the script calls getpid(). The rest of the perl script (up to that point) runs fine. Do I have to do anything special to enable USE POSIX?

Not sue if this matters but I have not installed the Perl add-on, only what came with XAMPP.


PostPosted: 22. June 2009 22:36
by DreamU
Maybe I can answer my own question. The PHP manual says POSIX extensions are not available on Windows systems. I am therefore guessing that Perl also does not provide POSIX functions under Windows.