suddenly Cannot load mysql extension after connecting via IP

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suddenly Cannot load mysql extension after connecting via IP

Postby sta4 » 19. June 2009 11:17

I have read dozens of Cannot load mysql extension but none answered my problem...

Windows Vista
XAMPP Version 1.7.1
PHP: 5.2.9

I have been working and designing my joomla site for 2 weeks now.
today i tried to connect via my IP to see if it can be entered from out of my local pc.
i turn on the FILEZILLA SVC from the xampp panel (I think for the first time)
then tried to connect through IP in the browser.
since then i have an error message and cannot enter my site, or the sql database...
it says: Cannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration. - Documentation.
Apache and MySQL are running according to the XAMPP panel.

i also remeber that when first saw the welcome to XAMPP (entered by IP) it also said : if you see this then your xampp installed correctly.
when i enter from localhost i can only see Version 1.7.1 ! in the come page.
I dot have any other php.ini other than the one in php directory , though i wish i had when i see it fixed to everyone their problem...

please try to hlp me get my site up again...
i'm afraid to lose my data...

Ok fixed it.
I allowed some extensions like extension=msql.dll to work in php.ini
so all is good now.
no idea what caused the problem

but now it can't open a php sciprt from the localhost in the browser...
it shows a 500 internal problem...
what should i do now ?
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