People can't view my site?

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People can't view my site?

Postby Paradise671 » 17. June 2009 18:10

Well.. i can view my site via my ip, but when i ask other people to view my xampp website they can't see anything they say it says connection refused or something like that. Help please!
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Re: People can't view my site?

Postby hem » 18. June 2009 16:24

Well how is it possible for other people to view ur site which is, as i presume is hosted on ur localhost. For people who are outside ur network, i mean like me, if u want to view ur site, then u have to host ur site on a public hosting platform which may be free or commercial. By the way there are lots of free php site hosting service providers, u can google it, if u like. Hope this resolves ur issue.
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Re: People can't view my site?

Postby el-quds » 18. June 2009 20:08


if he is talking about a dynamic ip not a local area network ip for sure he can ask people to see his site via static or dynamic ip from anywhere

in case of dynamic ip he should give them his ip every time he wants them to try seeing it...but...

if the dynamic ip is leading to his router ... and his pc is a computer that has a local ip

then he must go into the router settings to lead port 80 to the local fixed ip say like dmz leads to so as to be seen via internet

this can and must be done into the router firewall and virual servers in the advanced settings

anyway ...

if he is set correct and port 80 is not blocked by any security prog,.. then he can be seen via internet as a website..

u can try the following


have ur ip lets say it is xxx.xx.xx.xx

go try ping that ip from an outside pc ..

if u can ping it then u can be seen from outside

if u try to put ur ip in the browser from outside http://xxx.xx.xx.xx

and it leads u to ur router it will ask u for a username and a password that are the router or the windows id and password but mostly the router

if u can reach ur router from outside then u just need to deal with the virual server settings to point ur dms to ur local network ip of the server..
if not then ur port 80 is blocked for some reason ..
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