httpd (apache) failing to start

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httpd (apache) failing to start

Postby formlesstree4 » 16. June 2009 23:28

I have been using XAMPP since back in 1.5 days. I've had no problems with conflicting on AV's, firewalls, etc. But recently, Apache will not start, and I can't unregister it as a service either. I keep getting the following error (trying to manually run it).

Code: Select all
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click on OK to terminate the application.

So I did some research, and I disabled all my AV's and firewalls. Still error. I changed the ports. till errors, and finally I even tested other services like MySQL, FileZilla, and Mercury Mail which all still work.

I have tried a lot of things (even reinstalling completely) to get apache to work again, but it doesn't want to.
Any help?
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Re: httpd (apache) failing to start

Postby el-quds » 17. June 2009 16:48

Hi ..

i guess u have installed the service more than once and u might have used more than one location ..

anyway ..

did u try to remove the service before reinstalling xampp ?

here is what i mean ..

uninstall xampp completely

go to services and make sure that appache service is not there it should look like appache2.2

if it is still there u have to remove it before installing xampp again

u can remove it from dos

start run cmd

sc delete appache2.2


thats it

now u can install a clean xampp again

for other hints make sure to have a look on the event viewer for any hints of conflicts
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