Can't reach xampp via LAN

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Can't reach xampp via LAN

Postby xamped » 16. June 2009 18:29

On the computer that has xampp installed there is no problem reaching the server using the NAT IP address.
But no other computer on the LAN can reach the servers.
xampp security page says that everyone on the network can reach xampp (unsecure).

The setup is quite straight forward.

1. Speedtouch 716 modem router (with dead wi-fi circut...) -
2. D-link dl-524 wireless router -
3. xampp computer -
3. other computer -

I run sygate personal firewall on the xampp computer but disabling it does not solve the problem.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Can't reach xampp via LAN

Postby el-quds » 18. June 2009 20:32


what i understood is that ur default gateway on all computers on the lan is the d-link ip which is

and all pc's on the lan have the same workgroup , and u can ping one from the other?

i mean if u go to ur xampp pc that has the ip and from this pc u can ping the other one on the lan with the and get success result?

if not then u have a problem ...

if yes then pc's on the lan can ping one another wich means they can communicate.. the only missing part is that they can't communicate on port 80

so.. port 80 is blocked ... windows firewall router security any other pro.. u have to check ..and allow port 80
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