Port 80 or 443(SSL) already in use

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Port 80 or 443(SSL) already in use

Postby Bell2000 » 16. June 2009 13:58

I have been trying the install XAMPP, and get an error(Port 80 or 443(SSL) already in use. Installating Apache2.2 service has failed). I checked using portcheck and I see that skype is using port 80. The port 81 is free.
Question1: If I change skype is use port 81 will it still run correctly?
Question2: How can I change skype to use port 81 so that port 80 is free is to used by XAMPP?

Thank you
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Re: Port 80 or 443(SSL) already in use

Postby Wiedmann » 16. June 2009 15:13

Read the Skype manual how to disable the usage of port 80.
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