MY XAMPP statu for SQL is unactive!

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MY XAMPP statu for SQL is unactive!

Postby rosemary2010 » 16. June 2009 07:51

I can open my phpAdimin and build database in it. But when I connected to the database I can not connect it. It throwed out the Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect(). Then I check the XAMPP statu for SQL and it is unactive. Could someone also meet this problem and help me? Thanks a lot!

By the way, it is not only the SQL statu is unactive, but also others are all unactive except HTTP.
MYSQL unactive
PHP unactive
SSL active
CGI unactive
SMTP unactive
ftp unactive
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Re: MY XAMPP statu for SQL is unactive!

Postby Wiedmann » 16. June 2009 09:40

Your XAMPP version?
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