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I BEG for your help

PostPosted: 15. June 2009 16:19
by GazaAli
Hi to all of you.Im a student from Gaza,please people im really on my knees begging for help :cry: .i have a php+mysql project to deliver next week and i dont know anything about both.the project is simple,but i need some tutorials for basics and thing like logging in,database...etc

please people,any help appreciated.

Re: I BEG for your help

PostPosted: 15. June 2009 22:32
by newbie2244
You asked for some basic tutorials.

Here's a few that are easy to read:

PHP/MySQL tutorial: ... torial.htm ... -Tutorial/

Also for documentation on php always consult:
Every section of the documentation has examples that you should work through. WHen working with the examples, look at the dates of the examples. This will give you a clue on which version of php the example was originally created.
If you don't have xampp installed anywhere, download it if you can, and look at the demo programs - they will give you an idea of the "look and feel" of a good website with a MySQL back-end.
....Unless your instructor (school assignment) has specified otherwise ...
when creating your first databases in MySQL, start by using MyISAM as your database engine and use unicode utf-8 encoding-ci (this should be the last option on the encoding list) . As you develop a feel for MySQL, then practice creating a database using InnoDB.

When mixing html and php in a file, remember that your file must always be identified as a .php type of file. For example: <html><head><title>mytitle</title></head><body>...<?php>...<?>...</body></html> should be saved as something.php and it goes without saying that any file starting with the php tag <?php> or <?> must also be a file of type .php.
Good Luck with your project.