Yikes. I can't get to work on Windows Vista SP2?

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Yikes. I can't get to work on Windows Vista SP2?

Postby HoosierDaddy » 15. June 2009 03:23


I hope these questions are ok. If I sound sarcastic I apologize.. :-)

I'm new to PHP, having worked with ASP and Dot Net, I thought I'd try it. Anyway, I installed in C:\xampp\ directory and then I changed the firewall to allow the proper ports of 80, etc, to work. Anyway, when I try to get to the admin area.. I having some problems with mySQL etc,.. I'm able to get to admin for apache. I type in the password as I had set it up and it works. I recieve a typical "Log in" box authentication from Firefox which is the browser I typically use. I get the "Congrats, you've successfully installed xampp" page..

When I try to manage mySQL admin by right clicking on the xampp icon in the tray, and then click the start button, it only starts temporarily and then doesn't show that it's running like Apache does, etc,. I then get the "Start Button" again with it having focus so I can start mySQL again and the Admin button is grayed out? Why?

Thank you.. in advance..
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