Restoring localhost mysql access on xampp

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Restoring localhost mysql access on xampp

Postby ed423 » 12. June 2009 20:41


I deleted all of the default mysql users (the four or five users which were automatically generated when I installed xampp), since I wanted to create a single localhost user. However, I didn't realize that deleting all the users would mean I would not be able to access mysql anymore (even for a few seconds to create the localhost user that I wanted). So now, when I try to use phpmyadmin, I get the following error:

#1130 - Host 'localhost' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

I do not know how to allow access to localhost since now I have no users that can connect (and I need to connect to provide access). Does anyone know of a solution to get around this? Since I have already done some work in a database (i.e. created tables and whatnot), I would prefer not to lose that work.


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