pear fatal error with xampp

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pear fatal error with xampp

Postby IRG » 10. June 2009 17:30

I installed xampp 1.7.1 with php 5.2.9. I encountered a very strange problem with pear classes. If I include a class which is in the pear directory I have no problems
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include 'MDB2.php';

However, if I try to include a class from a subfolder of pear folder
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include 'HTML/QuickForm/Controller.php';

i get Fatal error: Class 'HTML_QuickFormController' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\DTRsurvey\survey.php on line 47

If I use
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it returns true for the classes in the pear folder and false for the classes in the pear subfolders.

Please help!! It is very puzzling. :o
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Re: pear fatal error with xampp

Postby Wiedmann » 10. June 2009 18:12

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include 'HTML/QuickForm/Controller.php';

You have installed HTML_QuickForm_Controller yourself?
(IMHO it's not part of the XAMPP package).
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