Apache Server - Prevents other standard apps from booting

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Apache Server - Prevents other standard apps from booting

Postby jsw_nz » 31. May 2009 03:24

I have had this problem, which I did a search for
- but was unable to find anything
- here are my details

Windows XP SP3
XAMPP Control Panel 2.5
Current Directory c:\xampp

I have booted the Control Panel - Turned on Apache
Prevents other standard apps from booting
Double Click a standard *.txt file - which should boot my default text editor
the default editor boot hangs - only until I turn off apache does my editor open the file
- have encounter similar issues with links in email l to boot Firefox - etc.
- Seems that it is interfering with standard windows operations

I have has this problem for some time
Both before and after securing my localhost installation

Any suggestions - I am needing to get this resolved - just a hassle to have to turn apache on/off so many times
Thanks in advance
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