Newb needing some serious help

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Newb needing some serious help

Postby exidous » 05. December 2003 04:22

ok i got php-nuke working with mysql, and apache. all newest versions running and working on windows xp professional. my question is, when i start mercury mail, i get a Temporary error 249 in the smtp client box, and wont send outgoing mail. i have no idea how to configure this thing to let outgoing mail leave, but my site is useless without a working smtp server to send mail out for new accounts. i have looked all over the net for answers, and reading the help for mercury mail is like reading the bible. little hard to bear. any help would be appreciated. oh and i dont speak german so english help would be a plus.

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Postby exidous » 05. December 2003 04:42


just so you read this post first then the three under it...
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just relay off your isp's SMTP

Postby MAGnUm » 07. December 2003 05:00

Just relay off your ISP's SMTP server, should work and its seamless to the user. yeh its nice making yours work, but y half the people you might want to send e-mail to like aol users you have to have a non dynamic IP for it to work, and its just a pain in te a$$.
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Postby free69 » 14. June 2004 00:22

I recommend you Winmail Server and can get here
I tried it as Mercury Server is too differcult to use it, and tutorials made me confused and crazy. However I am still studying it.

You can easily setup and integrate Winmail with your server program.

I want to know if there is easy way setting Mercury Server
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Postby Maller » 15. June 2004 18:41

If your only interested in sending out mails, there is no need to use mercury, as it´s a complete mail server.
Just open up your php.ini located in /xampp/apache/bin and edit the line about smtp server, type in the one assigned to you by your ISP.
And php will take care of sending out your mails.

If your looking for a complete windows mail server, with pop3, smtp, imap ect. take a look at Merak mail server it aint free, but worth the money.

I know this is a old topic but it might help other people.
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