Vista Root Directory problem

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Vista Root Directory problem

Postby stefans71 » 29. May 2009 08:12

when I type http://localhost/ I get a IIS .jpg

I can't find the root directory to load Joomla.

I have installed XAMPP on my Vista computer and turned on IIS extensions before loading Xampp. however, when I installed teh XAMPP and selected Auto start Apache and MYSQL on start up, the port 80 was in use so Apache would not start. I disabled the IIS extensions in Vista and then re-starred Apache and is now running however i can't find the root directory.

I installed XAMPP on C/XAMPP

can anyone help on this :)

I'm trying to learn Joomla locally.

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Re: Vista Root Directory problem

Postby Sharley » 29. May 2009 08:21

C:\xampp\htdocs is the Apache DocumentRoot as defined in the C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf file.

The readme_en.txt file in the xampp folder and the XAMPP for Windows Home Page including the FAQ are good places to start you off.

As you now know, you can't have more than one web server using port 80 at any one time unless you do some server re-configuring.
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