Wordpress/Port Issue?

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Wordpress/Port Issue?

Postby DaOctavio » 28. May 2009 19:36

I figured this would be the best place to ask this question as xampp is really the heart and soul of the system. I have the latest version of xampp and wordpress is hosted on it. Xampp performs beautifully in everything else so I just assume blame myself for missing something when setting up WP. The only snag I have come across is that my wordpress site will not display correctly via the internet, all the texts and links work but none of the themes or formatting work. It displays just fine when I view the page internally on my LAN. Did I miss something on my router setup?
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Re: Wordpress/Port Issue?

Postby Wiedmann » 28. May 2009 20:00

I guess a wrong servername configuration in Wordpress.

But a Wordpress support forum can be the better place for such a question. (I don't know how WP is working...)
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Re: Wordpress/Port Issue?

Postby Ahriman » 01. June 2009 11:00

I have the same problem, but at me, the only computer which can see the blog correctly is the computer running the Xampp... other computers from the network behave just the same way described above: only text and links PLUS I cannot log-in on the blog from any of them, except the host computer.
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Re: Wordpress/Port Issue?

Postby raVenX » 01. June 2009 23:28

First, check the "index.php" file in your main directory. In that file there is a path to the blog header which loads the theme, etc. Check the path for accuracy because without a correct path, all you get is text and no theme.

Second, If you did what I did when setting up Wordpress, that is to get everything setup and then decide to move things around a bit, then most likely you forgot to change the settings to match your changes. In particular, the database may not have updated so that it is still trying to draw on a file that is no longer there, such as a domain URL, theme, etc. You can check the database to make sure the URL is correct by visiting: Wordpress: Changing the Site URL. Page down to the section entitled: Changing the URL directly in the database. There are two places to check within the database. Do be careful, but see of that works for you.

Lastly, sometimes you might need to uninstall a theme, widget or plugin and then reinstall it to get it to render again properly, especially if you happened to update Wordpress to a newer version just before the problem occurred.

Good luck.
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