XAMPP Command line interface

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XAMPP Command line interface

Postby ignas2526 » 27. May 2009 19:24

I decided to code small command line interface for XAMPP which can be used to start/stop/restart XAMPP services.
Its not so functional as XAMPP control panel, but takes less CPU (since XAMPP control panel takes 2%+ CPU even if minimized).
Command Line have following functions:
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astart    ---  starts Apache
astop     ---  stops Apache
arestart  ---  restarts Apache
atest     ---  checks Apache configuration file syntax
mstart    ---  starts MySQL
mstop     ---  stops MySQL
mrestart  ---  restarts MySQL
help      ---  shows list of commands
htdocs    ---  opens htdocs folder in explorer
xampp     ---  opens xampp folder in explorer
notepad   ---  starts Notepad++ program

place cmd folder into C:\xampp and XAMPP CMD.lnk to any place you want.
You can also execute other functions like in normal windows cmd.
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