gumblar infection

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gumblar infection

Postby eltigre » 26. May 2009 22:18

What's good
Is it possible that the gumblar virus infects your computer, confusing it for a webserver
running xampp apache and mysql?

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Re: gumblar infection

Postby Sharley » 27. May 2009 01:23

The Guardian wrote:

A computer virus that targets Google users is mutating rapidly, turning it into what some are calling the biggest threat to online security today.

The worm, known as Gumblar, attacks computers through vulnerabilities in some version of Adobe’s PDF reader and Flash player software. Once it infects a victim’s PC, it silently redirects the user’s Google search results to sites that download more malware onto the machine or allow criminals to conduct “phishing” attacks to steal login details for banking, social networking and websites.

For those who have not yet heard of, or not yet researched the gumblar worm virus then these links have some useful information and links to help with avoiding, patching and fixing it: ... emove.html ... ed-script/ ... uz-trojan/

There has been mention of Foxit in some of the above reports, a replacement for Adobe PDF reader but unless patched it too may now be vulnerable: ... -p/393337;

The worm has mutated to target Google's Chrome browser by avoiding its built-in blacklists of suspicious websites, so those users need to do some serious research of their own.

This link may detect if your website is already infected:

There is now much info available on the web to learn as much as possible about this Gumblar worm but never stop on one virus be aware of all security issues when developing web sites and running web servers, it's all part of being a webmaster/server admin.

To the OP, please when posting, provide some details so members know what you are trying to convey.
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