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how to offer upload? http file server?

PostPosted: 21. May 2009 03:01
by mewbie
I'm completely new to this type of software, web server etc. :oops: My main use of this software is I need a way for a friend to be able to upload and download files from my computer securely via 'http' (not ftp). They should be able to see the files once they have uploaded them as well. So someone recommended I use this software, said it does everything.
Well I can't work out how to that? Download I have just put some files here: D:\xampp\htdocs\test and when entering the URL http://localhost/test
I can see them so I assume that will work fine, though I have no idea if this will be downloaded in secure mode/SSL?
Upload? Can't find that button/script/exe/option :D

I'm using XP SP3, XAMPP v1.7.1 Standalone

Thank you for any suggestions and leads

Re: how to offer upload? http file server?

PostPosted: 21. May 2009 03:19
by Sharley
You have a few things to do to have someone access from the Internet to do what you want.

My advise is to search the Internet (Google) for a suitable upload/download script, which there are many to choose from and the most obvious place would be the HotScripts web site.

Install the script into C:\xampp\htdocs\script folder for example and then you would access it from the Internet using you ISP provided IP like so:
This address may well generate a browser error but is not important for the use you have in mind, the error may only be important if you were running a commercial web site that required trust, then you would have to spend many dollars to obtain that level of security and trust.

For normal uses, like you have mentioned, XAMPP is set up by default to use it's own certificate and is usually quite adequate.

Local SSL access using your example above would be:

SSL is already enabled in XAMPP by default as is pointed out in the https://localhost XAMPP Welcome Page.

Let us know if you can't access the above with SSL?

Re: how to offer upload? http file server?

PostPosted: 21. May 2009 09:46
by mewbie
Thank you for the fast complete reply :D I didnt know of the website

I am able to access the address via https. I had thought if SSL enabled then http wouldn't work. Shows you how little I know about this :D .

I was just looking for a fast safer way to do this in the same manner I am doing it now. At present I'm using 'HFS' which is everything I like excpet doesn't have SSL. Tiny standalone app that is right clicking, add virtual folders, users perms, pick ports, etc. I also need not move any files/directories on my box to let them be accessed.
User goes to page can download, upload, see files uploaded-all on one page. Love it, just wanted to be more secure.

So in this case seems I have quite a job setting this up since my knowledge about these scripts, php, mysql is none existent :D I will definitely give a go and since there are 'scripts' to do this shan't be too hard? :p

I have set one up on a remote server before called 'xupload', that was easy, but you can only upload, user can't see files after upload, and its not meant for download- that would be another page all together.

Thank you again! :D

PS if anyone knows of a script of this nature, that doesn't take a master to install, please post for me. Thank you.

Re: how to offer upload? http file server?

PostPosted: 22. May 2009 04:21
by mewbie
In case anyone else interested, I have found a very nice script to do what I want (except multiple file upload). Super easy to install but I would only recommend to use this only with trusted users: ... ger-v12/50