Help with mysql and PHP

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Help with mysql and PHP

Postby mustanggirl » 15. May 2009 19:10

I am using XAMPP. I used the mysql admin to add tables in mysql with the GUI. I now have to write an html document that provides a textbox for a query and when the submit button is selected, a php document interprets the query and returns the result of the query. When mysql saved the tables I created, they were placed in C:\xampp\mysql\trucks (trucks is the database and all of the tables are within it). When pull up the html document using localhost, the screen displays as it should. When I type in the query and hit submit, I can tell it is accessing the .php document, but the page is blank. I have errors set up to be returned in the .php doc if it cannot connect to mysql or the database, or if the query cannot be executed. No errors are being received. I can query the tables with the mysql admin with no problems.
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