Apache HTTP.exe error after upgrade

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Apache HTTP.exe error after upgrade

Postby balletje » 11. May 2009 11:27

Hi everyone,

I followed Motionthings tutorial here to upgrade my PHP version from 5.2.9 to 5.3.0.
But after copying the needed files and starting apache from the Xampp console i get the following error messagebox: httpd.exe - Entrypoint not found.
The message in the middle of that box states: Could not find entrypoint of procedure php_set_error_handling in DLL-file php5ts.dll.
The message i mentioned pops up about 5 seconds after starting the server, and when i click OK it gives me the same one again about 3 seconds later it stops after the second OK though.

Now i tried different snapshots of 5.3.0 but all give me the same result, the thing is the server actually still works though it's not as fast in response as it was with the previous build of PHP.

After searching a bit on the web i did not find any other users that had this problem, so i really hope someone can help me with this?
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Re: Apache HTTP.exe error after upgrade

Postby balletje » 13. May 2009 12:03

No one has encountered this problem?

I was hoping someone could give me some directions into solving this matter. :(
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Re: Apache HTTP.exe error after upgrade

Postby ananthdeodhar » 08. July 2009 08:42


I don't know if you have resolved this problem as yet. I faced the exact same problem today while upgrading my xampp installation to 5.3.0 on a Win2003 machine. I also was at my wits end trying to solve this and was finally able to fix it by running Apache as a Service.
1. Go to your XAMPP Control Panel and tick the box where it says Svc in front of Apache. It will ask you to install Apache as a service.
2. Click "Yes" and restart Apache.

Hope that works for you.

- Ananth
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