Want my page to be public!

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Want my page to be public!

Postby berrylized » 11. May 2009 00:07


I can't get my page public. I have laid all my files in htdocs etc.
All ports are opened.
Apache, mysql is running.

I can se the page from http://localhost/jocke <-- folder name is "jocke"

What do I need to write in the browser from another internet user because http://ipadress/foldername don't work.

Please help me
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Re: Want my page to be public!

Postby Sharley » 11. May 2009 02:42

Make sure your firewall and/or anti-virus scanner is allowing access - temporarily disable and test again.

Make sure your ISP is not blocking known web server ports.

Check the Apache access log file and the error log file.

Test your site from an outside location like this one:
Check the Service scan which should give the Apache server details if it can access.

Perhaps you can give the IP address so I can check your server from here.
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