php_pdflib.dll error

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php_pdflib.dll error

Postby ypriverol » 08. May 2009 21:47

I have two machines .. one in linux and the other in windows, I have the native installation of php and apache in linux and want to used the xampp in the windows machine. When I run the dompdf library in my linux machine everything wok fine, but in the xampp server the php show an error when the dompdf.php script are executed. ("PDFlib exception (fatal): [1202] PDF_set_parameter: Unknown key 'objorient'") , I search this error in internet and other people say that this error is in the php_pdflib.dll. But in the linux distribution (opensuse 11.1).

thanks in advance.
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Re: php_pdflib.dll error

Postby Sharley » 10. May 2009 04:10

If your question is being asked with reference to XAMPP for Windows then could you please tell me which XAMPP for Windows version and what Windows OS you are using so I can discuss the correct php.ini file.

If you are asking your question with reference to your XAMPP for Linux installation then your question is best asked in the Linux forum here:
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