go-pear.bat : manifest error

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go-pear.bat : manifest error

Postby newbie2244 » 27. April 2009 20:32

Greetings ALL-

I ran go-pear.bat in my Windows XP SP2 console, within the \xampp\php directory and received an error message:

ERROR: manifest length read was "1236" should be "678716787".

I searched the archives for go-pear.bat errors and manifest errors and could not find any thing on point that would indicate what this means and what I should do. I was trying to make sure that PEAR was installed ... I was getting errors when I tried to include files from the PEAR directory into scripts.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. \

THank-you and regards.
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Re: go-pear.bat : manifest error

Postby newbie2244 » 27. April 2009 21:05


I checked the pear home pages and found this:


The suggestion is to replace the go-pear.phar files packaged with the php 5.2.x version with the go-pear.phar file found at http://pear.php.net/go-pear.phar.

My question is: WOuld this affect the rest of the xampp/php/mysql installation ? I have xampp v.1.7.0.

Thanks in advance
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Re: go-pear.bat : manifest error

Postby Sharley » 27. April 2009 23:00

In XAMPP 1.7.0 there is no need to run go-pear.bat file as PEAR is already installed and ready to go by running the pear.bat file in a console window in the xampp\php folder - cd to this folder - it will give you a list of commands to use with pear.bat and if you are not in a console window in the php folder when running the bat file it will simply run then close the console window.

You can't install twice and so you are getting the manifest error as a consequence and of course there is no need to replace any files in this case.

Hope this helps with your issue.
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Re: go-pear.bat : manifest error

Postby newbie2244 » 28. April 2009 22:09

Greetings Sharley-

I thought it was installed also but when I tried to run the .pdf version of the cds demo, I kept getting errors - that I traced to PEAR. For example:

[Warning: include(C:/xampp/php/pear/fpdf) [function.include]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\cds-fpdf.php on line 7]

ANother warning stated that fpdf.php could not be opened. Yet another warning stated that the font file could not be found.

So... this is what led me to think that may be my PEAR installation is defective. BTW, all files are where they should be but apache/php ?? doesn't seem to see them. There is nothing wrong with 'cds.php' or 'cds-fpdf.php' files. They both execute. The problem occurs when I try to access the pdf version vis the pdf link on the "cd demo" page. Otherwise the cd.php demo works fine.

My include_path directive is set to where PEAR is found (per the PHP manual format) so I'm really at a loss as to why I'm having this problem. I've been using xampp for a while and in general have not had problems, except when I've done something stupid like forgetting a ";" at the end of a statement in my php scripts.

I will reinstall and upgrade to v.1.7.1 but I've run alot of scripts on my current install v.1.7.0 and I'm dearly attached to them and this particular version of xampp.

Any and all suggestions would be most welcome.

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Re: go-pear.bat : manifest error

Postby newbie2244 » 01. May 2009 20:45

Greetings All-

This probably seems mundane to all who are frantically upgrading to XAMPP v.1.7.1 or installing it for the first time.

I finally got my .pdf files to work in XAMPP v.1.7.0. (Windows XP SP2) In tracing all the error messages that xampp generated when I tried my cds.php/ pdf and cds-fpdf.php I discovered some interesting things about Windows and Apache. (There is no excuse for an OS like Windows XP Home Edition.)

First, I still had directory entries in Registryfor previous Apache/php installations even though I uninstalled them and deleted some of them. I deleted all these Registry entries as well as renamed all previous apache & php folders. Restarted my machine.

Second, even after I did the above, I discovered that I still had 2 apache.exe processes running concurrently. I don't know if that is what should be happening. I killed one process but then the whole Apache service died. I restarted my machine again.

Third,** I discovered that-----> although phpinfo() indicates that XAMPP reads or loads the php.ini file in the apache\bin directory, my cds-fpdf.php program was accessing/using the php.ini file in xampp\php. **This may seem surprising but in fact makes very good sense, if you consider that there is either a Windows PATH variable or an include_path statement in php.ini , which has the value "C:\xampp\php\pear". As Apache traverses these directories it executes? the *.ini files that it finds. In this regard, Izzy's advice to delete all *.ini files not in apache\bin is a very good idea. ( a previous post)------->And I remembered what the folks at Apache tell all newbies who are installing APache for the first time - - take time to understand the *.conf file(s) and how it all works. No I know why.

(Still not reached that "how it all works" level of understanding but I am working at it. )

Fourth, I finally changed the "include('fpdf.php');" statement in cds-fpdf.php to point to the file explicitly with the statement "include('\xampp\php\pear\fpdf'\fpdf.php') with
"single quotes
" around the path(won't work with double quotes).
also works.

AND Then I l
my cd-fpdf.php file and magically I saw Adobe open up for the first time in XAMPP. ANd that's when I realized what pdf is really good for. REPORTS. So...

I am somewhat disappointed that cds-fpdf.php didn't work out of the box. Still, it was a worthwhile learning experience

BUT before I upgrade to XAMPP v.1.7.1, I need to know my Apache better. SO I'm spending some serious time with the source.

Happy sleeping &&
Regards to All-

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