How to install XAMPP 171 on Vista

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How to install XAMPP 171 on Vista

Postby laptop hobo » 27. April 2009 09:11

The problem: Downloaded XAMPP, followed the instructions, but http://localhost/ would not view file.
The solution: After two days of trial and error and the assistance of a couple Apache Friends, we were successful in getting XAMPP to work on my Vista Ultimate (64bit) computer. This is a re-cap of what it took:

I reinstalled 1.7.1 (the 7-zip version!) after completely uninstalling the previous version. (I found no traces of old left on.) IMPORTANT: Use only the "EXE (7-zip)" version because the "Installer" version is simply too problematic.

The location of the files need to be in c:\xampp.

After installation, select: setup_xampp.bat (it will do a few automatic things quickly, then will say done.)

Click on the xampp-control.exe so that the Control Panel appears.

Start Apache and MySql (but do not click the Svc boxes yet). These items should now have "running" highlighted in green.

Go to your browser (clear your browser cache first) and type: http://localhost/.

IF YOU GET THE "connection interrupted" message, then you need to do the following:

Disable your User Account Control (UAC) by going to your computer's Control Panel > User Accounts. Here you will be given the option to "Turn User Account Control on or off".

Then, you will need to alter the "host" file. Go to C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\Hosts file and open it in your text editor (notepad is best). Find this line:
::1 localhost

Comment it out so it looks like this:
# ::1 localhost

Save the file and then try and access http://localhost/ again.

(NOTE: Above # ::1 localhost there needs to be this location: localhost

It should then look like this: localhost
# ::1 localhost

Clear your cache once again and go to http://localhost/

For more on this, go to the following thread: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=34713&p=141337#p141337

Big thanks to Sharley for figuring this out!!!
laptop hobo
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Re: How to install XAMPP 171 on Vista

Postby IamJim » 27. April 2009 17:05

A big thumbs UP and Kudos to you LH for this topic.. I hope Sharley does turn this into a "sticky"

I myself last evening was also doing my first install, but on Win2K Server edition. I felt keeping my posts into your thread...was best.

When I get the rest of this figured out...I will also post a Install on 2kServer ( I mean for some reason I need to find out why ...once installed...using ADMIN privs, that I can't manipulate services on and off...)

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