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Get XAMPP on Internet

Postby extreme.aly » 20. April 2009 15:36

Hello ppl! I googled for this thing alot but could get any success.

I have a HUAWEI modem ( which is providing me internet and then I also have a Wireless network (Linksys which is spreading the internet to other computers.

I have given a static IP to the Linksys Router ( and the Linksys router itself have the IP:
A cmputer which have XAMPP installed is connected to the router having the IP:

So far, I have successfully got XAMPP working using:
http://localhost/ (XAMPP PC) (LINKSYS network) (LINKSYS on HUAWEI network)
using port forwarding in Linksys router (xampp listening to port 80)
SO that means that I have got XAMPP on HUAWEI modem.

Now the main thing begins where I can't get through...
I have tried to do port forwarding on HUAWEI modem:
Private IP:
Private Port: 80
Public Port: 80 (also tried 8080 and then tried this link: but not working)

Please tell me how to make it work on internet? I have got it working on my intranet but not on internet!


--XAMPP computer:
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Re: Get XAMPP on Internet

Postby x-files » 27. April 2009 04:43

Those IPs are for LAN (Local Aera Network) Access.

You need to link to your WAN (Wide Area Network) IP...

I would suggest you to use a free program as No-IP DUC => ""
You can take a Free Domain Name; e.g.: "" and the prog will redirect people from this address "" to your WAN IP.
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Re: Get XAMPP on Internet

Postby Nobbie » 27. April 2009 10:33

>Please tell me how to make it work on internet?

That is impossible - and (i think so) it is not permitted by your provider. Your HUAWEI Modem has been assigned to a Local Lan Address ( instead of a public address.

The HUAWEI Modem is a UMTS Modem which usually does not connect via cable but via cellphone data line. Most cellphone providers do not permit their customers to install a local webserver via UMTS, and some of them simply assign a LAN Address to the clients, so these modems cannot be accessed from the outer world.
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