MySQL just stops working after about a week

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MySQL just stops working after about a week

Postby thunderaeroi » 16. April 2009 18:22

I have Xampp version 1.6.6 and after about of week of running time, apache will work just fine, but MySQL becomes very unrealiable and will start generating connection errors. I have checked my code to ensure all connections I open are closed and looked over the MySQL ini configuration file to see if it might be something in there. The only way to fix the errors is to restart the computer and everything will run fine until it starts breaking down again.

I use the MySQL Server Administrator System try icon (1.2.15) to make a nightly backup of the databases, and when you load the administrator you get the following error:

Either the server service of the configuration file could not be found. Startup and service variables therefor are disabled. You can hit the OK button and everything runs fine; however, I dont know if the system try nightly backup is conflicting with Xampp somehow.

Any ideas where I can look to see why MySQL dies regularly?
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