Xammp encrytption

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Xammp encrytption

Postby dunski » 15. April 2009 13:03

Hi All,
I am working on a final year project and have very limited time so any help is much appreciated. :D

My project is Securesms based on J2ME incorporting the sun wireless toolkit 2.5 (emulators) and Xampp.

I have send and receive of a plain text message working on the wireless toolkit but I need a way to communicate
withe tha apache server of sql database ? not sure yet..

I am trying to implement -
XAMPP: SSL Encrypt the Transmission of Passwords with https from -


I have finished creating your SSL certificate and private key using for common key.
Should I have used for common key?

Perhaps this approach will not suit my project/needs?

I am at stage "Edit Apache config for encryption only access to password protected folders"
of the article but not sure how to proceed.

I am ultimately trying to use the certificate created for encrption of my sms message but a little
confused. I have very little experince in these technoligies and would appreciate any guidance?

I will now research in more detail but any hints, tips or direction would be great..

Thanks in advance.
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