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PHP Crash Error on Vista

PostPosted: 15. April 2009 03:23
by mrlami
I am usign a PHP framework called Yii which has a nice command line tool that comes with it.

Anytime I run the command line tool, It does finish the task I ask it to do (e.g. create a skeleton application etc.), but I also get and error that pops up on vista (reference image below).

Does anyone know how to get rid of whatever is causing this ntdll.dll fault / issue. Thanks! Danke! Gracias!


Re: PHP Crash Error on Vista

PostPosted: 15. April 2009 03:58
by Sharley
These XAMPP for Windows forum search results show that your issue is not unique.
Click on some of the topics for a possible solution.

Make sure that XAMPP Apache is using the correct php.ini file which can be determined by going here:
and look for the line
Loaded Configuration File
which should point to the xampp\apache\bin\php.ini file.

Rename or delete any other php.ini file you find except those in the xampp installation folders.

Re: PHP Crash Error on Vista

PostPosted: 16. April 2009 02:50
by mrlami

For those who have this problem and stumble on this... I've put the solution that worked for me below and the URLs I referenced

1) go to [path-to-xampp]/apache/bin (or) [path-to-xampplite]/apache/bin
2) backup "libmysql.dll" to "libmysql.bak.dll"
3) make a copy of "libmysql_5.0.51a" and rename it to "libmysql.dll".
4) go to and download the latest 5.2 zip binaries (5.2.9 as @ this writing)
5) replace everything in [path-to-xampp]/php/ (this might be overkill, you might just need to replace the 'ext' folder and the dll files in the root folder of php)