XRMS error with XAMPP

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XRMS error with XAMPP

Postby sfureman » 12. April 2009 18:47

I have recently installed XAMPP for testing purposes. When trying to install XRMS I get an error message:

Warning: setlocale() [function.setlocale]: Passing locale category name as string is deprecated. Use the LC_*-constants instead in C:\xampp\htdocs\xrms\include\i18n.php on line 232

Warning: setlocale() [function.setlocale]: Invalid locale category name LC_Messages, must be one of LC_ALL, LC_COLLATE, LC_CTYPE, LC_MONETARY, LC_NUMERIC, or LC_TIME in C:\xampp\htdocs\xrms\include\i18n.php on line 232

In trying to find the fix for this I came across the document


which states that "LC_MESSAGES for system responses (available if PHP was compiled with libintl)"

Has my XAMPP download been compiled with libintl? A search of my files shows "libintl3.dll" is installed in C:\xampp\php and in C:\xampp\apache\bin

What must I do to make the error message disappear and finish my installation of XRMS? I am a newbie trying to learn PHP and don't want to totally fudge the installation.
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