backup for xampp mysql apache and schedule

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backup for xampp mysql apache and schedule

Postby garyww » 11. April 2009 15:29

hi all,
I would like to know which tools enables to schedule the xampp and MYsql Database backup from one machine
to another which means i have 12 website using xampp and Mysql database with some kinds of .sql for these 12 websites. But it is very troublesome to export 12 website database on //localhost/phpmyadmin by export the database of .sql each time.
How can it schedule to export and overwrite the old database from one machine - with xampp and mysql to another machine - a backup machine.

My windows server 2003 enterprises version.
Latest version of xampp, apache and mysql

thanks to let me know

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Re: backup for xampp mysql apache and schedule

Postby morfie » 13. April 2009 19:30

all the mysql data is stored in [xampp directory]\mysql\data. All i do is have a backup program run every night and backup the data folder. When i need to restore i just overwrite the database folder inside the data folder with the older data and it is now restored.

Note: be sure you are not overwriting with an older mysql version files. It may cause problems.
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