XAMPP Setup File (setup_xampp.bat)

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XAMPP Setup File (setup_xampp.bat)

Postby Kairu » 11. April 2009 05:11

Well, whether or not you read my last problem, I managed to install Python. But I have a bit of a new problem to complement it. I need to edit a few file-paths for Python to work everytime I try and run it on a computer that assigns a different drive-letter to my USB-Drive. It's quite trivial, but still tedious/annoying. I was thinking of a way to do this when I considered using the setup_xampp.bat file. So now, naturally, I have a few questions regarding setup_xampp.bat:

1. What paths does this file change?

2. How exactly does the batch-file work? I looked at it in text-editor, but there seems to be no indication that it changes any file-paths.

3. Is it possible to add more file-paths for it to change/edit? If so, how?

Any answers are greatly appreciated. A preemptive thanks!
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