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socket support

Postby Pierino » 28. November 2003 20:36

I would like to know if socket' function support is enable by default in xampp...
I recive this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: socket_create()

I have read that in Unix S.O. the socket support is not enabled by default and need to be enabled recompiling the PHP binary with the "−−enable−sockets" parameter but in Windows S.O. with pre−built binary how can I enable socket support?

Please help me.... :cry:
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Postby Pierino » 29. November 2003 15:07

I have found this solution:

In Windows, PHP Sockets can be activated by un-commenting extension=php_sockets.dll in php.ini

is this correct?
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Postby MAGnUm » 01. December 2003 23:24

if it works, do it.
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(Disclaimer: if any of this info is confusing or vague tough, its free!!)
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