Configuring SSL in xampp for a webapp

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Configuring SSL in xampp for a webapp

Postby vikram8jp » 08. April 2009 02:59

hello all,

I want to configure ssl in xampp for my webapp which I made using cakephp. I am using windows XP. I have successfully configured the SSL for the folders like phpmyadmin, security, xampp and webalizer.

But I am having problems in configuring xampp to apply SSL for my webapp. My webapp structure is like this:

--+ webapp
----+ htdocs
------+ js
------+ css
------+ index.php
------+ .htaccess
----+ code
------+ company
--------+ cake
--------+ config
--------+ controllers
--------+ models
--------+ views
--------+ index.php
--------+ app_controller.php

All my code resides in the code/company folder. I want to secure that.

Here is what I wrote in my apache/conf/extra/httpd-xampp.conf file

Code: Select all
   Alias / "D:/webapp/htdocs/"
   <Directory "D:/webapp/htdocs/">
        AllowOverride All
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all

What this did, it shows the page correctly when I type https://localhost/, but when I press some line it shows access forbidden. I did make any particular changes in apache/conf/httd.conf file for this. What am I doing wrong?

Can somebody help me out with this?

thanks and regards
Thanks and Regards
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Re: Configuring SSL in xampp for a webapp

Postby IamJim » 01. October 2009 14:30

Hello Vikram,

I am sorry I will not be able to help yet, as I am just trying CAKE now for the first time...but I will also need to configure SSL for my application I will be using and wondering if you had been able to get this issue resolved yet please?

Thank-you in advance,

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