CGI Problems

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CGI Problems

Postby real_bad10 » 07. April 2009 20:19

I am currently working on a project that will take a program that was built in MATLAB (a CAS), compiled into an executable using MATLAB's compiler, and then use CGI scripts to allow a user to enter in data into a webpage, have MATLAB run server side, and then display the results back to the user. I have made the executable, and have no problems running it from the command line, however I cannot figure out how to call this program through the webpage. I have written a PHP script, that I believe to be correct, but when I run the page everything works in the script but the part that is supposed to call the executable. I have not done much in terms of web development and I believe my problem may be in how I have XAMPP configured.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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