MYSQL remove services

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MYSQL remove services

Postby nevensm » 03. April 2009 06:53

I removed my XAMPP installation, which was installed on D:/Program Files/Xampp. As a know the mysql services need also to be installed. Could you explain how to do (if possible with screenshots).
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Re: MYSQL remove services

Postby Wiedmann » 03. April 2009 07:50

MYSQL remove services

mysql services need also to be installed

You want install or deinstall the MySQL service?
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Re: MYSQL remove services

Postby sluk » 08. April 2009 06:22

I just installed XAMPPLite, when I frist started Mysql via "XAMPP Control Panel -> MySql -> Start" a WinMySQLadmin 1.4 jump out and offer me to generate a new username and password, so I entered "root" and give it a "password" then click OK. After that I found the MySql service failed to start and I have to manually execute mysql\mysql_uninstallservice.bat then mysql\mysql_installservice.bat in order the get the service "Running". After that I modified \phpMyAdmin\ to the new changed root password and attempt to access but failed, later I found that the new root password entered via WinMySQLadmin 1.4 is actually not required and have to remove from \phpMyAdmin\ Why is that root password was not changed? What have I created in WinMySQLadmin? How can I change the root access password of phpMyAdmin?

Another problem is that I found the "tick" on left side of MySql in XAMPP Control Panel is always checked and unable to remove, I've tried stopped the MySql services then uncheck the "tick" but after a few second it back on. So the Modules "Svc" of MySql is always on in XAMPP Control Panel even if MySql is not running, how can it be fixed?
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