"Cannot display webpage" after installing Xampp?

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"Cannot display webpage" after installing Xampp?

Postby deanparkr » 02. April 2009 20:16

Hi all,

I am trying to install Xampp on my desktop and have been unsuccessful. So I then tried to install on my laptop but also have the same issue :(

The problem is everything seems to install ok but when I press the "Admin" button next to Apache in the Xampp control panel IE pops up and says:

"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

Ive done some googling and have tried changing the port number to 82, turning off firewall and UAC but alas I cant get either machine to work :(

I feel like i'm missing out something obvious? Would be grateful for any tips :D
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Re: "Cannot display webpage" after installing Xampp?

Postby vectra-mods » 02. April 2009 21:27

did u tick the boxes when installing the software too use apache and mysql as a service? using the install wizard?

in the little control box for xampp does it say that apache is running and highlighted in green ?

a pic of mine working below


i started the apache then my sql

added the reccomended user name/password for mysql then

then pasted this into my browser bar

and it worked

hope this helps m8 as i aint got a clue lol

tip tho if u have registry cleaner use it as vista like too hold some info on anything the pc has done as microsoft are paranoid :lol:
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