Changing MySQL location

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Changing MySQL location

Postby Fission » 01. April 2009 18:47

Hi everyone,

I am installing XAMPP on my Windows Server 2008 Web x64 and have it all up and running succesfully. We are trying to setup our servers to only use one MySQL database on a certain location which gets backed up nightly. That location is on a data partition of another server on the network. What we are trying to do is:

Keep everything about XAMPP the way it is right now except the SQL databases. We want to have it so that the databases reside on the data partition of that server so that when it gets backed up nightly, the databases get backed up as well. How can we have it so that the web server is on this computer but the MySQL or SQL databases are stored on the other partition? Thanks guys in advance!
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Re: Changing MySQL location

Postby Nobbie » 01. April 2009 20:17 ... ld_datadir

P.S.: If the "partition" is NOT a mounted drive/partition on the PC, where Xampp (and MySQL) is running, but a different Server, you cannot simply assign a different datadir. You must run an instance of the "mysqld" Server on that server instead (and need not to run mysqld on the Xampp PC).
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