XP - CLI+PDO+MySQL debugging issues

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XP - CLI+PDO+MySQL debugging issues

Postby coda » 01. April 2009 04:06

Netbeans 6.5.1
Windows XP (sp3)
XAMPP 1.7.0
PHP 5.2.8
MySQL 5.1.30

During debugging, exceptions are thrown by php_pdo_mysql.dll

In folder ~/xampp/php, copy libmysql_5.0.51a.dll to libmysql.dll. (After making a security copy of course).

Stop the apache and mysql services before doing this, then restart.

There are several clues scattered around the forum here on tangential issues. Hope this saves someone the day it's taken me to figure this out.
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Re: Vista - PHP PRADO php_pdo_mysql issues solved

Postby mrlami » 02. April 2009 15:45

Thanks @coda

Worked like a charm except I had to do it with the one in the apache folder instead (just like I had to mofidy the php.ini file in my apache folder for some other issues).

So what I did was:
1) go to [path-to-xampp]/apache/bin (or) [path-to-xampplite]/apache/bin
2) backup "libmysql.dll" to "libmysql.bak.dll"
3) make a copy of "libmysql_5.0.51a" and rename it to "libmysql.dll".

Basically above step just replaces "libmysql.dll" with "libmysql_5.0.51a" but makes a backup.

My System Specs:
- MS Vista
- XAMPP Lite 1.7
- PHP Framework: Prado 3.14
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