Error regarding MySql module

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Error regarding MySql module

Postby sarveshk » 25. March 2009 20:45

Hellow friends,

I dont know anything about SQL. I'm a web designer and want to setup a local server so that I can use Joomla CMS offline.

So, I installed XAMPP but windows is giving error regarding MySQL that "mysql service encountered an error and it must be closed" when started from XAMPP Control Panel (XCP) and immidiately gets stopped.

Please give me some solution.
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Re: Error regarding MySql module

Postby Izzy » 26. March 2009 02:05

Double click on xampp\mysql\mysql_uninstallservice.bat file.

Go back to XCP and see if the tick in the Svc box has been removed.

Now try and start MySQL again but do not click on the Admin... button or you may encounter other undesirable issues.

Installing XAMPP using the installer version and selecting to install MySQL as a service seems to give this issue.
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